New updates

A couple of changes taking place. Amazon has purchased the rights to all of my U. S. Westerns except the three I have on Amazon Kindle — two of which were originally published by Walker and Company. They will release some of my work on paperback and possibly electronic as well. The first to be listed is Requieum For An Outlaw.

Update on Heads I Win … Tails You Die — this book was picked up by Harlequin, under their Worldwide Mysteries and will be released in January 2013. My second Mystery ‘One Murder Too Many’, which continues with the same basic characters, will be published by Hale Books in April of 2013.



2 comments on “New updates

  1. Just finished Requiem For An Outlaw and really enjoyed it and will read more of your books. I have been an avid reader of westerns since my grand dad introduced me his tales of the west when I was five. I just finished my second book; which is a western and agent looking for a publisher. I would like to have you review it and provide any of your professional wisdom. My email is hhsimpson3@yahoo.com

    • Thank you for comment. However, the one thing I did after having my first Western published was to not read other author’s works. I read only Non-fiction historical to form background and settings for my Western ideas. I found reading another author’s story caused me to incorporate their slant or narrative style into my own writing — subconscious editing, I call it. So I simple don’t read Western fiction. Do hope you have success, but remember that Westerns have the fewest readers of most any category. Three of the houses that published my Westerns over the years no longer exist. Good luck!

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