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Name: Terrell L Bowers, writer/author, with nearly 70 books in print. Raised on mini-farms, I milked cows by hand for ten years, used milking machines for another five; rode horses, fed pigs, chickens, sheep, cows, horses and rabbits. Work history consists of working on a sheep ranch, driving pilot car for my dad, when he was pulling mobile homes across the country and helping on our farm. Worked in the grocery industry, from stocker to Grocery Department Manager for Safeway Stores. Worked for the state highway department, maintaining roads and driving snow plow during the winter near Denver. Ran a gas station in Grand Junction and put in their first gas/grocery store there. Proceeded to buy a convenience store, after my father died, to run with my mother. After she married again, my wife and two girls helped run the store 7 days a week, 6am to Midnight, for four years. Then went to work for Questar Gas (Mountain Fuel) as an office and utility man. Advanced to Field Operator before transferring to Salt Lake to work in the service department. From there I got into Dispatch and took a buy-out when the service department was downsized. I did other jobs…mail carrier, airport security during the Salt Lake Olympics (running a CTX machine that scanned luggage), a landfill cashier for a summer and worked for Sundance (Robert Redford’s catalog store). During that time, I continued to write, having my first book published in 1979.

Wife: Patty (Petite), love of my life, she had to learn about family life from my side of the family. She is tireless and tidy…sometimes picking up a shirt I put out to wear and having it in the washer before I know it’s missing. As a mother, our poor kids never went out into the cold unless they were so bundled up they couldn’t move. She put up with my hours of writing without complaint, although I had nothing to show for it but postage and writing material receipts. The occasional religious story or greeting card was all I had to keep me going for 15 years, yet she never lost patience. An inexperienced cook to begin with, she has become the best cook in the family. Best of all, she laughs at my pranks or jokes — well, most of them; sometimes she’s a hitter! — and is the inspiration behind the romances in my books.

Melanie: Our first daughter was the perfect child. We would laugh when people told us how hard children were to manage. She was adorable, sweet and needed very little tending. A smart student at school, she loved music and roller skating (even toured with a skating club on occasion) and reading. She has gone on to a Bachelor’s Degree and writes computer programs and sets up websites…this is one she started for me. Married to another Computer wiz, they are parents of a charming little dog — you can check her blog at Melbrooklane.com

Nicole: She was the child who brought us down to earth about being parents. She was full of energy and demanded a lot of attention as a baby. Beautiful like her older sister, she wanted to be like Melanie and do the same things…although she was 8 years younger. Melanie became a teenager at the normal age, while Nicole was a teenager at 10. Smarter than she pretended in school, she also became a very good student (teacher’s pet, I believe they call it). She loved all kinds of music from the time she was born. She also began writing her own stories at age 9. She went on to get a Bachelor’s degree, is a supervisor over a number of people and has her first book under contract. She is married now, she and her husband have two cats. You can check her out at nicolodemos.com


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