Review — Clancy’s Last War

Clancy’s Last War By Terrell L. Bowers Hale, January 2013 Some crimes are too heinous to go unpunished. Morgan Clancy seeks the man responsible for the deaths of a great number of men, including his younger brother. When the trail leads him to Bluestone Creek, Colorado, his search for justice becomes entwined with the plight […]


Heads I Win…Tails You Die is now available as a paperback from Harlequin under their World Wide Mysteries imprint. One Murder Too Many, the second of my mysteries will be release by Hale Books in April. Another of my Westerns, Clancy’s Last War, is due out this month.

New updates

A couple of changes taking place. Amazon has purchased the rights to all of my U. S. Westerns except the three I have on Amazon Kindle — two of which were originally published by Walker and Company. They will release some of my work on paperback and possibly electronic as well. The first to be […]

New book review

Invite to a Showdown Invite to a Showdown By Terrell L. Bowers Hale, July 2012 After a bizarre double killing forces her into exile, Rowena Jansen is living like a hermit in Keylock, Colorado, and concentrating on survival. Travis Clay went off to war and witnessed the terrible suffering of men and his country. Afterwards, […]


Sandy Cody has a website where she interviews authors from Avalon. She surprised me with an offer to post an interview and I was happy to oblige.

May update

Ray, who also writes for Hale Books, reminded me that I’m not up to date on my new releases.   Requiem for an Outlaw was released by Avalon Books in New York last month. It is about my 40th Western for them.   Next up for release is Invite to a Showdown, due out in […]

New additions

Gun Law of Phoenix Cline (a Western) was released by Hale Books December 29th, 2011. On the same date Heads I Win…Tails You Die (A Mystery/Thriller) was also released. It is my 20+ Western with Hale Books and my first mystery. Due out in April is Requieum For An Outlaw from Avalon Press in New York. […]