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Frequently Asked Questions

Question – May 1, 2011: Are any of your books based on true stories?

Answer: There are numerous references to actual events in many of my books, but no actual bio or factual rendering throughout an entire book. The one Blackhorse Western titled Ambush at Lakota Crossing (2010) has a historical account of a rescue near the beginning of the book. I found it while doing research and decided it was too good to pass up. By adding a character to the story, I recreated a rescue of some Indian women and children during a terrible snowstorm. By fictionalizing this event, I could present it without concern of copywrite ownership, and I did note this was the case in an Author’s Note at the end of the book. Thanks for your interest. Terrell

Question – October 18, 2010: What was your favorite book to work on?

Answer: I believe Lassito’s Last War was the most…challenging. The odds against him, not only for winning the fight, but for winning the love of a woman, were next to impossible. My next book, Konniger’s Woman, was probably the most entertaining. Thanks for asking.


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